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Electronic Speed Control

With the realization of the Electronic Speed control we have made a depth change in the field of axial fans with brush direct current motor, changing from the previous condition of ON-OFF use to a condition of the fan working in a smart way with the speed that changes according to the real heat exchange necessities of the vehicle or of the system.
One of the main features is the Soft-Start function that enables the product to begin the rotation with an acceleration curve and to reach the rotation speed proportional to the temperature. With the soft-start function we totally eliminate the current peek problem at the start.
The rotation speed of the fan is totally controlled by the electronic speed control, which according to the type of signal received (excluding the version with a signal from Thermostat) is capable of raising or reducing the number of rounds depending on the temperature.
A smart management of the fan speed allows to obtain a more gradual and uniform trend of the temperatures in the system, avoiding unnecessary thermal stresses.
It is important to remember that at the rotation speed management corresponds also an electrical consumption reduction, so with a reduction in the fuel consumption of the vehicle.
The better efficiency in the temperature management allows to reach more easily the approval of the vehicle for the antipollution norms.  
The electronic speed control is studied in order to use different types of signal.
Among the main features of the electronic speed control it must be noticed the possibility to manage the fan reverse rotation, in this way the radiator surface remains clean. This characteristic is very useful for all those applications that operate in working fields with the possibility of material accumulation on the opposite side of the radiator (for example leafs and straw) causing a reduction in the airflow through the radiator. The reverse rotation function enables to maintain unchanged the capacity of heat exchange between the radiator and the fan.   
Among the main characteristics there is the possibility to customize the electronic speed control with the set up of both the working temperature and the working cycles according to the project necessity.
Another important feature is the noise reduction, achieved by the possibility of changing the fan speed rotation according to the real necessity of the heat exchange.

ESC versions available:

-ESC SR = Electronic Speed Control with Standard Rotation
-ESC RR1 = Electronic Speed Control with Reverse Rotation 1
The rotation inversion begins only when the fan stops the rotation according to the planned temperature
-ESC RR2 = Electronic Speed Control with Reverse Rotation 2.
The rotation inversion begins automatically (even if the temperature is still high) with a cycle time planned on the software of the Electronic Speed Control .
Example: 10 min. Standard Rotation + 30 sec. Reverse Rotation.

Upon request we can customize, before the production and in an unchangeable way for the customer, the following features:
- Working Temperature
- Working cycles for the reverse rotation versions.
- Wiring length
- Type of connector
- Type of signal