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Comex Europe was founded in 2001 and it has immediately
asserted itself as an innovative company in the
field of D.C. Fans, becoming a benchmark
for the international market.
Our products are used in all those
applications requiring high performances.
Thanks to our long experience and to the continuous
research of new technologies we are able to provide
fans of absolute excellence, that let us
work side by side with our customers for the realization
of custom projects and products always on the cutting edge.
The features that characterize our company allow us to export
the 60% of our production all over the world.

We have always been careful to maintain a
high and constant quality level of our products
and of our internal organization.
Thanks to the continuous control of the various phases
of production and to the teamwork
we are able to provide products up to every
customer’s necessity.
We meet the Quality requirements and standards
of the main Certification Bodies worldwide,
placing us at the top in terms of reliability. 

Total Control
Every Fan is 100% tested on 3 different steps:
First the engine is electrically tested, then we control the sealing and the waterproofing
and finally, when the engine is assembled with the other components,
we verify  the complete fan functionality.

The Tailor Made Technology
The realization of special and customized models has always been the hallmark of our company.
In the development phase we support our customers proposing technical solutions that can improve the functionality of the product and of the project. 



of Technology