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 Axial Fans

Our axial fans are developed to offer and guarantee high performances and long lifetime.
The electrical motors used on the fans, totally studied and produced internally, are waterproof with level of protection IP68, therefore they are able to resist to the most extreme weather and working conditions (e.g. dust, mud, rain, snow, ice) at which the vehicles work during their use.

Our fans can provide a very high percentage of efficiency, one of the best in the Automotive market, offering to the customers the possibility of an important consumption reduction.

Thanks to our long experience we have introduced on our products many innovative technical solutions, which allow to obtain:
- High performances
- Reduced consumptions
- Reduced noise
- Very long lifetime, from over 5.000 hours to over 30.000 hours
- Reduced overall dimensions 
- Reduced weight
- Very high mechanical resistance
- Very high temperature resistance
- Very high energetic efficiency